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Management of browser links in large organisations (White Paper)

Efficient work in electronic workplaces are a topic that moves me since years. Here my white pager on link management. Download

Palantir Foundry by use cases

I love writing (see the articles section), and after some negotiations, I wrote a book about some parts of the Palantir Foundry that I know quite well. Now (October 2022) available in a second edition.

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Reconnaissance and IoT Data processeing

In April 2022 the second book made its way into the public. A ride through extended features of the Palantir Foundry.

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Remaining sales activities....

After becoming bored of manufacturing docking stations (over 1000 have been build and sold), the zero-clearance-insert (over 600 build and sold), I turned back to my great passion "programming"
In my 9to5 I work with the Palantir Foundry and this Platform amazes me since 2,5 years. It is incredible what the Palantiri built.

There are still some parts in the stock and I still do believe that I designed the best and most versatile designer dockingstations, but as said no more production activities.
There are as well some Deko Sticker for the mowing robot....

Sileno deko Sticker Dockingstations

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